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(Friends-only banner by [ profile] angelalpev)

After talking with some friends, I've decided to make this LJ friends-only. I'm not in a position where I'm adding lots of people as friends right now, as Livejournal has lost to Facebook for the majority of my friends. I have both, but whatever. Because of this, and because I don't want random stalkers reading my livejournal, I've decided to make it friends-only. If you know me somehow, comment and I'll add you- I'm pretty fine about that. I also haven't cut any of you from my friends list, so don't worry!

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it's mee naomi :)

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its caitlin from birdcage; added you ♥

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Hey.. this is ontariohottie21 i renamed my acocunt yesterday and deleted my friends of list.. so if you like to still be lj friends feel free to friend me back :)